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The Simple Trick That Will Save Your Back This Winter

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

The first heavy snowfall of the season is inevitably followed by an influx of clients with back pain. Shovelling is the common denominator in all of these cases, but it’s not entirely to blame. If you’ve been sitting behind a desk or largely inactive since the last snowfall you haven’t been doing your back any favours either.

Your body is capable of some pretty incredible things, but only if you give it a fighting chance. You wouldn’t run a marathon without running first, so why do we always skip out on training for a season of shovelling?

Heal your relationship with snow clearing this year, and try this simple move to save yourself a few days of soreness. All you need to get started is a shovel or a broom. Make sure it’s clean, dry, and wrapped it in a towel to protect your walls.

Ideally you would start training a couple weeks before the first big snowfall, but if it’s already here there’s no time like the present. Start with 1 round of 10, and work up to 5 rounds separated by 30-60 seconds of rest. Listen to your body to find the right amount of resistance for you. Aim to do this move twice a week, and combine it with a 20-minute walk to really give your training a boost.

Happy shovelling!


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