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Your Biggest Questions About Remote Coaching Answered

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

We're all hunkering down at home these days, but that doesn't mean you have to struggle neck and shoulder pain or a colicky baby on your own. At Bloom, I've developed a method for delivering effective osteopathic care online through remote coaching. If you're wondering how it works, I've got you covered. I’ve answered the questions I get asked most often so you can decide if a remote session is right for you.

What conditions can remote coaching help with?

Anything you would book an in-person appointment for can be taken care of in a remotely. From lower back pain to infant reflux, Katie can help through our telehealth appointments.

Is it covered by private insurance?

Remote coaching is a type of telehealth. If your private insurance plan covers osteopathy, typically they will reimburse you for both in-person and telehealth sessions. It’s a good idea to check with your provider to make sure prior to booking just in case.

Please note that your provider will usually only cover you for appointments with practitioners in your home province. So if you live outside of Ontario and want to schedule an appointment with Katie, you likely won't be reimbursed.

How do I pay?

When you book your appointment online, you must pay by credit care in our secure terminal. You may reschedule your appointment at not cost, but cancellations incur a 3% processing fee.

Where will the virtual session take place?

When you schedule your session you’ll be emailed a link that will take you to our video portal. Video calls are done through my online booking site, so you don’t need to download an app or get a login set-up ahead of time. They're done through a secure, encrypted platform so you know they're safe and private.. Just click on the link at your appointment time and smile!

How will you treat me if I’m doing my appointment remotely?

Great question! A super sense of touch is a massive part of what makes osteopathy unique. This leaves many clients wondering how I can help when using my hands is off the table.

Whether we’re meeting in-person or over a video call, the goal of your appointment is the same…to reduce pain and help you move more freely! The beauty of technology gives us endless possibilities to make this happen. You can still share your story and tell me about your symptoms, and I can gather even more clues about your condition by observing you during our video call or ahead of time in photos. I’ll even guide you through some techniques we can use to assess how your muscles and joints are feeling to get a more thorough understanding of it all. Then I get really creative and teach you how to unlock what we find through simple movement techniques. You’ll leave our session feeling in control because we worked through the assessment and treatment plan together.

That sounds great! How should I prepare for my session?

It’s best if you have a quiet, private room to attend your appointment from. Most of your session will take place seated, so make yourself comfortable in your favourite chair. While you’re seated I’ll assess your spine and joints. It’s helpful if your camera set-up allows me to see your whole torso and head from your chair. I’ll observe your posture in a standing position if your symptoms are aggravated when you’re on your feet. Usually I can see you from head to toe as long as you have space to step back from the camera. It’s also nice to have the option to move your camera so we can work on the floor. If this is possible for you, keep a yoga mat and a small towel nearby.

If your set-up doesn’t allow for all of this, don’t worry! Ask someone in your bubble to take pictures of you and email them to me ahead of your appointment to make things easier. For example, if there isn’t room to see you standing on camera ask someone to take pictures of you in this position from the front, back, and side so I can make a full assessment.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you get ready for your telehealth appointment:

  • Get comfortable in your favourite chair

Set-up your camera:

  • Can I see you from head to waist while you're seated?

  • Can I see you from head to toe while you're standing?

  • Can you move your camera if we work on the floor?

If you can't get the right camera angles:

  • Take photos from the front, back, and side (standing and/or seated)

  • Email these photos to Katie ( ahead of time

If you have room to work on the floor:

  • Set aside a yoga mat and a hand towel if you have room to work on the floor

And finally...

  • Relax and enjoy!


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